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Title: Some question from a newbie
Post by: bizz on September 09, 2013, 09:58:08 AM
I always try to figure out new games by myself but now i really need some help.

1. When i connect (always bounced) i delete my logs. But my safety depends on how high my log deleter is. Since i just started it's not that high. So how can i really be safe if others have far better un-log programs?

2. I dont really understand the purpose of a Second Server other than backing up and keep your precious programs safe. I have read that players use them for their virii. So their Second Server IP will be in the logs somewhere instead of their Gateway-IP when collecting. But how hard is it for higher players to find the Gateway-IP. See my problem? So how or why do players use second servers.

3. Other than running a good FW protect and PW protect whats the best way of defending yourself when your attacked? What can i acspect when i come further in the game? I know about IP change but what can i do, wich programs do i need to run, to prevent an IP change or divert an attack?

4. I started a download wich took several hours. When i logged on the next day the download was not in my running programs list anymore. I searched my logs (none where modified) but couldnt find any evidence of someone deleting the download. It was a download from a secret server. When i connected to this server i couldnt find the program i was downloading previously. Could it be the server reset at night wich deleted my download?

5. What are the DON'Ts in this game. The unwritten rules. To explain, in some games you can kill steal (dealing the last damage and getting the exp while another player did all the work). It's not forbidden but you won't make friends. I don't wanna cause any troubles for others (not yet) but sometimes it feels your all alone on the net. I have read that some groups have claimed servers and that if you log on (maybe by accident) your gateway gets wiped. How do i know i tresspassed?

Thats all...for now.
Please reply to any question you have an answer for.


Title: Re: Some question from a newbie
Post by: 99717 on September 14, 2013, 10:31:35 PM
1. You can conceal yourself in different ways. You can use "bounce" to go through several servers before connecting to your target. Also, you should start searching for higher level log deleters. The current top undeleter in game is a v27. Finding something higher than that and you can keep your self safe.
2. I have 8 servers and I do not get confused between the different servers. Each server would be assigned a number. You can differentiate the servers with the number assigned to it. If you have gold account you can even rename your servers.
3. When you come under attack, you can counter attack :)
4. The most probable reason is that someone deleted the file on the server.
5. MOST importantly, do not install revelation virii!! The virii can cause everything to be reset, and everyone will start as a beginner again. Many people do not like this, including me. You will get yourself attacked by many people for that. Of course playing friendly is nice, but there really isn't any rule per se. Just be sure to cover your tracks.

Title: Re: Some question from a newbie
Post by: tomorty080 on September 15, 2013, 05:34:54 PM
wrong 99717, its a V100 log deleter, we have it with us so ha i laugh at you!
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Title: Re: Some question from a newbie
Post by: 99717 on September 18, 2013, 06:41:34 AM
Nonsense, I have the v121 log deleter. And I have 2 v300 bombs installed, so if I ever get your ip, you may just quit this round.