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Title: Researching Question
Post by: Cyphor04 on January 03, 2016, 06:32:25 PM
Okay so ive come to the problem where my firewall bypass isnt high enough to do the "harder" starting mission that pay 300-1200$

So i need better so i started research but am confused about the way it works.

I started firewall bypass research for 1Hr @ 2Task.

So now i have 2 task with 1hr time running and this is where i am confused.

When i click complete task on the 1st one, it will upgrade from0.1 a little bit..i dont know how much so lets say it becomes 0.2

What happens when i click on complete task for the 2nd task!?!?  Does it upgrade that 0.2 file a little bit or does it just upgrade the orignal file!!?!   Cause if it just upgrades the orignal file what is the point of using 2 task?

Thanks for the help, obviously im just finding this game and am a noob.