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January 16, 2022, 02:51:20 PM
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1  General Category / General Archive / Re: Vote : Should the Baron die in round #4 ? on: January 26, 2010, 03:21:34 PM
Personally I mess the old Virii farms.   At least then there was more PvP.   But that is just my humble opinion.

There just needs to be a lot done to increase PvP.  I mean heck SGP doesn't even have to hardly change the group server IP.
2  General Category / HP History / Re: Has anyone on: October 19, 2009, 02:39:57 PM
SGP members past and present would not hit one another. That includes hitting OG since it was lead and created by HateJacket. It's a code of honor among us. Once SGP, always SGP.

If, however, an SGP member as gone rogue, they will find themselves thrown to the wolves.

this is very true.

Thankfully the list of those who have betrayed SGP is very smal.  And most of those have quit the game.
3  Feedback Terminal / Suggestions / Re: Extend Group Post Chars on: June 27, 2009, 12:01:28 AM
Already been suggested.
4  Feedback Terminal / Suggestions / Re: Add to Group-Db on: June 27, 2009, 12:00:45 AM
Been suggested multiple times.
5  Feedback Terminal / Suggestions / Re: vote link color change on: June 27, 2009, 12:00:26 AM
could it be possible to have the vote link change color after you've voted. Change it to blue or orange. It would help to keep track on with links where voted.

This can be done via your browser.  For instance FF and IE both will do it automatically since it is a HTML command and not a Java command.  Or at least was the last time I checked /lol
6  Feedback Terminal / Suggestions / Re: Bounce Unlisted Servers on: June 26, 2009, 11:59:26 PM

Use search or forever be called a n00b/newb/noob/etc.

But seriously use search.  So many suggestions can come up that old ones quickly fade away so if they are resurrected then perhaps more interest will be shown.
7  HP Info Terminal / F.A.Q. / Re: Another question about speed up on: June 26, 2009, 11:57:44 PM
Don't forget it was also suggested as an ability for the factions update.
8  General Category / HP History / Re: How's everybody doing on: June 26, 2009, 11:56:58 PM
just thinking about if this game is still fun...

do you guys play TF2? that past the time.

The game is inbetween fun and eh.  The best was Round 1.   We had lots of PvP until Titam killed it as well as lots of farmage etc.
However Titam has been trying to bring back the PvP so hopefully it will be as fun as Round 1 was.

***Note I am applauding Titam and not dissing him so don't anyone get sand in their v4g1n4's***
9  General Category / HP History / Re: Group Declaration and Contact Info for Round 3 on: June 26, 2009, 11:54:44 PM
10  General Category / HP History / Happy Father's Day on: June 21, 2009, 03:00:52 PM
That is all
11  General Category / HP History / Re: Something needs to be done. on: June 11, 2009, 02:39:34 PM
How about limiting the max amount of hours you can research for one research task to one week, 24h * 7 = 168 hours.

This way you won't have hundreds of 5000 hour research tasks running to be killed, and the resource usage would be more fair as it increases with version increase and resource usage / research task should be more balanced.

And of course, the sense of loss would be lower if the tasks get killed if you have to research in shorter bursts.

Like I have said since R1.  We need Caps to keep a more level playing field.  Otherwise things will always get out of hand.

I support this idea Titam.
12  General Category / HP History / Re: Hey Groups: How's the weather down there? on: June 08, 2009, 07:08:48 PM
And as I said most of the players are only part time.  Heck I haven't even been able to play since a day or 2 after the round started myself.
13  Feedback Terminal / Suggestions / Re: Group Lieutenant on: June 07, 2009, 12:16:18 PM
1: im male not female - midol not needed....
2: this was the proper thread ???? as for me making more work for titam. i guess i should stop sending him updates then. - no problem - done.
3: whats the point in me being an op ? the only people left in the room are sgp and if i dare talk to any of them i just get insulted and told i FAIL. - tbh i can see why no-one goes there anymore - maybe i should follow suite

Who keeps telling you that you fail in IRC?  I haven't seen anyone talking in IRC in ages to be honest.

And the thread for the group stuff is here but I see you already did a reply there.

Anything else I can help you with?
14  Feedback Terminal / Suggestions / Re: Group Lieutenant on: June 07, 2009, 03:23:20 AM
Suggesting something that is already being worked on?  HJ come on suggest some new things would you ;)

although this insult was directed at HJ, i actually take offence to it.
i suggested a way it could be implemented after the original post so as such your insulting me also.

at least both me and HJ are making suggestions which we feel will improve the game instead of just flinging insults at people and making them feel like their opinions are not worth anything.

WTG Ebolla.

Take your midol.  HJ understands what I said. 

However if you want to take offense to it then that is fine.  You should post your suggestion in the proper thread instead of making more work for Titam.  That is common sense after all.

Oh and yes this time the jab was directed at you Triadian.  btw why do you keep removing your op status in IRC?
15  Feedback Terminal / Suggestions / Re: Group Lieutenant on: June 06, 2009, 10:38:46 PM
Suggesting something that is already being worked on?  HJ come on suggest some new things would you ;)
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