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June 14, 2024, 01:55:58 AM
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1  HP Info Terminal / News & Updates / Issues due to server restart fixed on: January 21, 2018, 11:25:55 AM

We had a couple of issues with the database because of a server update / restart.

Should be fixed now, if you encounter any more please message Support.

Thank you.
2  Feedback Terminal / "Bugs" and Problems / Re: Advertisement Overtaking Website on: November 16, 2016, 11:29:31 AM
Thank you for letting me know.

We had an iframe advert from that site, but I think they are no longer in business.

We've disabled advertising completely for everyone in the Hacker Project game now.

You should free to play  5

3  HP Info Terminal / News & Updates / Re: Database roll back 8 hours on: September 18, 2016, 06:47:39 AM
This should be a warning: Do NOT use the Hacker Project Cheat tool.

I have the latest Hacker Project Cheat source code and going trough it, in order to improve the game and make it less prone to auto scripts.

4  HP Info Terminal / News & Updates / Database roll back 8 hours on: September 16, 2016, 11:07:19 AM
Hello everyone,

We've had an issue earlier today and had to roll back the database 8 hours.

As per our Terms of Service, we do not endorse real hacking.
The perpetrator "rockfalcon" has been banned on all the IP's he used.
This is a VIRTUAL SIMULATION. If you can't play fair, you will be banned.

We have determined that he used an exploit to create an SQL injection attack, changing the password to multiple accounts so he can login and do damage.

The security issue has been fixed and everything is back to normal now.

If you think your account may have been compromised by this person, please message me and we will investigate and revert the damage.

Thank you all for your patience in this matter.
5  HP Info Terminal / News & Updates / Game Developer Apprenticeship learning free program on: July 09, 2015, 03:14:52 PM
Hello everyone,

The Game Developer Apprenticeship is a program started by myself, Emilian Tita, the owner of ET Virtual Worlds

I am a freelance Software Engineer in downtown Toronto, and I've been working with PHP from 1998.

The program is intended for all categories of developers who either have a hobby in coding in general, want to learn how to develop games, or just want to learn in a fun way.

ET Virtual Worlds will support the infrastructure needed to run the program: development server cost, repository subscription, developer forums and the online project management software.
You are free to donate to support this program. It is recommended to use the in-game Pledge system for donations.

Requirement: None really. You can work from anywhere, since we will keep in touch via the team software. You will need to have a free Gmail account and a free team software account.
Cost for you: No cost for you, except your time.

Now about the program. While ET Virtual Worlds will provide guidance and the knowledge base, we will not tell you what to do or hold your hand in any way. There will be guides and tutorials available to introduce you to the coding world and best practices. You will interact with the other members of the team, make friends and ask questions. The program will have a broad range, and you will be able to learn coding from the ground up ("Hello World!"), or play with the best software engineers. We will have a no stress policy, code for fun, that means no deadlines, do it on your own time, pick a task and do it if you like and learn, or pass it up if you have difficulties with it, or join with someone else or a team on the task at hand.

Terms and conditions:
 Please be advised, this program is Volunteer only. That means, you will not receive any remuneration. However, what you will gain is knowledge, experience in agile development methodologies, best practice coding techniques, friends. Our object of interest and "play ground" will be to develop and test new updates for Astro Galaxy in a fun way. You can coordinate with any of the other team members to achieve our objectives. Any abuse of the system will be handled by the administrator and may lead to a temporary or full ban. The source code present in the repositories is the property of ET Virtual Worlds. Any attempt to reverse engineer or steal the code is deemed illegal under the copyright.  When joining the program, you will receive a release form, in witch you acknowledge that any work you do under the program will be under the property and copyright of ET Virtual Worlds and you release any rights you may have on the work to ET Virtual Worlds.

Now, I'm just going to outline what you might be learning from this Apprenticeship program. There are no strings attached, and all topics are optional. I've ordered the topics by category.

- PhpStorm startup tutorial. Setup your code editor colors & fonts to what you are comfortable with.
- Basic coding tutorial.
- Intermediate coding tutorial. Learn the best practices, so you don't end up with spaghetti code.
- Advanced PhpStorm functions. Setup so you can easily find anything in your projects in seconds.
- Advanced coding tutorial. Learn the Model / View / Controller architecture with frameworks and without.

- Beanstalk startup tutorial. Learn version control the fun way in a team environment.
- Define and checkout your project in PhpStorm. Learn about linking your project to version control.
- Learn about revisions, history and code reviews. Learn how to rollback but keep your work intact.
- Learn how to Manage your repository files and avoid repository clutter by ignoring some files.

- Trello & Gmail startup tutorial. Keep in touch with the team and pick up your tasks / let us know what you're doing.
- Testing. Deploy to development and test. Rollback and try again if necessary. Learn how important testing is 1

PHP - Backend
- Learn to setup XAMPP under Windows for local development.
- Configure your php.ini, local sites and browser virtual hosts
- API tutorial. Learn how to use CURL.
- Backend Ajax tutorial

Javascript - Frontend
- Basics of Javascript
- JQuery tutorial
- Bootstrap JS tutorial
- Frontend Ajax tutorial

CSS - Frontend
- Basics of CSS
- Bootstrap CSS tutorial

Further more, if you prove your worth in helping to develop Astro Galaxy, you will receive a letter of recommendation my my contact information on request, that will outline the work you did.

Astro Galaxy SDK details:,9195.0.html

Please send your applications to You can include resume / a qualifications list if you want.

If this works out, we will have a Hacker Project SDK soon as well.

Best regards,

Emilian Tita
CEO of ET Virtual Worlds

6  General Category / Hi. My name is... / Re: Oh wow on: October 08, 2014, 07:56:56 AM
HP is the best!

Welcome back  1
7  General Category / Hi. My name is... / Re: Herro, I'm Attila. on: March 10, 2014, 06:13:00 AM
Of course we read the forum  17 Welcome  1
8  HP Info Terminal / News & Updates / Re: Server upgrade on: January 22, 2014, 08:31:12 AM
Just a faster physical server for the game 1

Some updates for the game are coming soon too, new missions and maybe some new software  1
9  HP Info Terminal / News & Updates / Server upgrade on: January 15, 2014, 05:14:48 PM
There will be a brief period of downtime today, 10-15 minutes today for a server upgrade.

We're going to upgrade to a two times more powerful server and will get the latest software upgrades.
You will notice increased speed and reliability on the new server and faster loading response time.
10  HP Info Terminal / F.A.Q. / Re: Site Problems on: January 09, 2014, 11:12:03 PM
Updated DNS settings. It will be reachable shortly, thank you.
11  General Category / General Archive / Round Winners, December 2013 on: December 15, 2013, 09:29:44 PM
This is the Top 10 winners list:

Rank     Player
1       kerteszalex(#39388)
2       Jeremias(#57703)
3       Unarsh(#53410)
4         oldfriend(#47984)
5       crach and burn(#42709)
6       overclocking(#56219)
7       sandoish(#59260)
8       boonblazer(#56654)
9       H4k3r(#43711)
10       STAMPI(#4261)

The winners will receive the following prizes in HP partner credit:
Top     1       2        3         4         5     6      7       8         9         10
Prize    $60    $40    $30    $20    $10    $10    $10    $10    $10    $10

The prizes will be awarded today or the following day.

To convert your prizes into game bonuses, click on the left menu on "HP partner", then click on "Start partner program"

Inside the program, click on "Convert" and search your user and convert the credit.


12  HP Info Terminal / News & Updates / Group board update on: September 27, 2013, 08:03:22 PM
Groups are a fun part of the game, and the group board is where you coordinate / track your targets 1

-> Group message board updated with better layout for more visibility during chat
-> Group message char limit increased to 500.
-> Group leader has highlighted messages in group message board
-> New permission can be assigned to group ranks: 'Highlighted messages in group board'

Make sure you click F5 / force refresh of group board to update the css styles.  17
13  General Category / General Archive / Round Winners, September 2013 on: September 27, 2013, 08:12:29 AM
This is the Top 10 winners list:

Rank     Player
1       kaylerich(#4084)
1       kerteszalex(#39388)
3       99717(#35383)
4         Guy_Dude(#40148)
5       Zeroday(#46250)
6       wolfz(#36948)
7       boonblazer(#56654)
8       Clovis(#32101)
9       Unarsh(#53410)
10       Jeremias(#57703)

The winners will receive the following prizes in HP partner credit:
Top     1       2        3         4         5     6      7       8         9         10
Prize    $60    $40    $30    $20    $10    $10    $10    $10    $10    $10

The prizes will be awarded today or the following day.

To convert your prizes into game bonuses, click on the left menu on "HP partner", then click on "Start partner program"

Inside the program, click on "Convert" and search your user and convert the credit.

There will be some updates in the new round, some fixes and features that will make ability points more useful.


14  HP Info Terminal / News & Updates / Re: 200k pvp points for 60 days Gold on: June 10, 2013, 09:14:47 PM
Oh, I got an idea. You will be able to move the PvP points and pay gradually for the 60 days of Gold. So if you have like 10k points, you can add them towards that goal, and gradually add more until you get the to the 200k mark.

So then, the unused PvP points at the end of a round will automatically be added towards the 200k Gold, and this pool will not reset so you can have xxx/200,000 PvP points spread out across rounds until you reach the mark to get the Gold days.
15  HP Info Terminal / News & Updates / Re: ranking power on: June 10, 2013, 09:08:14 PM
What is the maximum power ranking?

Well there's prob no chance to reach it in this lifetime, but Max power if you want would be 9223372036854775807

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