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Author Topic: Upload vs. Download  (Read 2010 times)
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« on: June 24, 2008, 04:20:42 PM »

The is a distinct difference between the two.

An upload process initiated by a gateway computer can only be completed by the same gateway computer.

On contrast, a download process can be completed by some other hacker accessing the system remotely. Has to say "Download" not "Sending download" in the process details.
To complete a download process on another gateway, you have to be on the receiving end, on the system that is receiving the download. If the timer is complete, click on "complete task" and the file will be downloaded.

To get rid of the uploads / downloads: If someone accessed your gateway and is sending a file, your gateway can kill the file, someone else can _not_ kill the transfer from your gateway but they can kill the transfer on the initiator computer, so they have to crack the target, but if you are online and receiving the file you can kill it.

Killing transfer examples:
- your gateway receiving a virus and you are online, you can kill the transfer from your gate or the attackers gate.
- you access a public server and see lots of downloads / uploads. You try to stop them, but get an error. You have to hack the initiating gateway and kill from there.
- your gateway is receiving a virus, one of your friends see the upload and try to stop it from your gateway. He receives and error. He has to hack the initiator and kill from there.

Other info:
So you can't control others virii uploads remotely.
And make sure you read the Terms of Service regrading multi-accounts.
There are several anti-multi account build in protection to the game.

        (I) The maximum amounts of accounts per person
   You may have multiple accounts only on those circumstances:
   You do _not_ use your accounts to help one single account.
   You may _not_ finance a lower power account with a higher power one in orther to do damage to lower people using the higher account resources
   You do _not_ use your multiple accounts to attack one single target.Your accounts may _not_ help each other in any way. You have to play each account as a single entity to ensure the fair play as opposed to your fellow captains.
   There are special features in place that will automatically detect and prevent connections to your multi accounts.
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