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February 18, 2020, 08:54:26 PM
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Author Topic: The Book of Hack  (Read 2536 times)
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« on: June 07, 2013, 12:12:03 PM »

This can be the hacker's bible, a place where we can all contribute the secrets of hacking that we all learn as we play the game.
I chose the Archive because it sounded the most librarian and off the beaten track since we don't want to draw too much attention to this inorder for it to become the stuff made of legends!

So I will start this off with The Tongue Tornado:

   "She sells C shells on the eShore.
       The shells she sells are surely C shells.
       So if she sells shells on the eShore,
       I'm sure she sells eShore shells. "

All jokes aside this is not a place to ask questions you can do that here. Feel free to add any hidden knowledges or strategic treasures that you might have found out. You can use this to communicate with me.

 - The Hacker from Hackenslash, New Jersey.

Always make sure to target Icarus before a Collect All.
You will gain negative Standing for the target Faction. If you have negative Standing with any Faction then Hackers working for those Factions will get your servers in their primary PvP missions. All Factions give an extra bonus "10% faster runtime on specialized software". Omnicron and Hakuza both specialize in Bombs and everybody works for True Light when they first start. So Icarus makes the safest target since it's the last Faction any hacker will choose for PvP missions unless lots of SpyWare gets installed all over the net.
Decryptor, Log UnDeleter, Process Tracer, Sniffer Daemon, SpyWare, Anti-SpyWare, Virus Identifier, Firewall Protect. The only one that is PvP is SpyWare, primary PvP missions give the IP.

Special Ability
I calculated that it takes 463,250 AbP (Ability Points) to maxout all of the different Abilities. That's a whopping 463,250,000 Standing!
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